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手部安全 著名外企安全培训资料—— Hand Safety 手部安全 When hazards to your hands cannot be eliminated or controlled, PPE must be worn. Hand injuries are one of the most common injuries that occur at our plant. Over a quarter million people suffer from serious and disabling hand injuries each year in the US. By recognizing the hazards, and wearing proper protection, you can protect yourself. 当可能伤害你手的风险不能被消除或控制时,必须佩戴个人防护用品。 手部伤害在我们工厂是 最普通的伤害事故之一。 在美国,每年有超过25万人遭受严重的或使其残废的手部伤害。 充分认识手部伤害风险和正确佩戴防护用品,可以保护你自己。 Hazards that Require Hand Protection Measures 哪些风险需要手部保护措施 Chemical, Thermal Burns, and Skin Absorption Sharp Objects or Jagged Edges Cutting Tools Temperature Extremes Electrical Hazards Bloodborne Pathogens Machinery Hazards Repetitive Motion 化学品、灼伤、皮肤吸收 锋利物体或锯齿装边缘 切割工具 高温 带电危险 血液传播(病原体) 机械伤害 重复工作 Chemical Burns and Skin Absorption 化学灼伤和皮肤吸收 Contact with caustic or corrosive chemicals can produce skin rashes or burns resulting in serious health consequences. Some chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. If toxic or poisonous, the material will cause adverse health effects. 接触具有腐蚀性化学物品能够引起皮疹或烧伤,甚至会严重影响到身体健康。 有些化学物质能够通过皮肤吸收,如果化学物质有毒性,会对身体健康产生严重影响。 Protect Yourself with a Chemical Resistant Glove 使用防化学手套保护你的手 Gloves are available from chemical. Always consult MSDS, SOPs, and chemical labels before selecting any glove. Consult the Corporate IH Glove Selection guide for specific materials. If you have a chemical hazard that requires a glove, other than the gloves in stock, please contact the Safety Department for assistance with glove selection. 手套可以用来防化学物质接触。 在选择手套之前,参考MSDS,SOP和化学物质容器上的标签的内容选择手套。 接触特殊物料,参考工业卫生手套选择指南选择手套。 如果存在化学品伤害可能,需要使用手套,请联系安全部门或助手选择手套。 Chemical Resistant Gloves 防化学手套 The most common chemical resistant glove at our site is a Nitrile glove. The glove is flock lined and is compatible with most of the materials used at the Zhangjiagang plant. The glove has been reviewed and approved by Corporate IH for our plant. 工厂使用最普通的防化学手套为丁腈手套,这种手套可以符合大多数物料使用的要求。 Key Points About Chemical Glove Selection 防化学手套选择要点 使用手套前,必须要对手套进行检查。进行“拉长测试”或“吹起测试”,确认是否存在裂缝或小洞,观察是否变色。 Gloves must be inspected before each use. Perform the “stretch test” and/or the “blow test” to find tears and holes. Visually inspect for discoloration. 佩戴的手套必须完全适合,因为不适合的手套佩戴可能会引起手部疲劳或影响手部血液循环。可能很难抓住物体。 Gloves must fit properly because improperly fitting gloves may tire your hands or cut off circulation. Objects may be difficult to grasp. 选择的手套必须能够完全避免你的手部和手臂的所有部分接触到化学物品,有袖口的手套可以防止防止化学物质飞溅到手臂上。 The glove selected must cover all parts of your hand and arms that may be exposed to the material. Cuff the glove to provide splash protection to the arm. Terminology for Glove Material Failures 手套失效术语 Degradation – The physical destruction or decomposition of the material due to exposure to chemicals or sunlight. 老化 - 由于长期接触化学物质或日晒,手套材料老化或腐烂。 Penetration – The flow or movement of a hazardous chemical through closures, seams, pinholes, or imperfections. Caused by degradation, damage, normal wear and tear and temperature extremes. 渗透 - 由于老化、破坏、正常穿戴、摩擦和高温导致流动地危险化学物质能够通过手套缝隙、小孔或其它不完整性缺陷进入手套。 Permeation – The process by which a hazardous chemical moves through a given material on the molecular level. Permeation can occur when the chemical is not compatible with the glove material. 渗透-有害化学物质通过手套材料分子层的运动过程。当手套材料不能防止某种化学物质时可以发生渗透。 Breakthrough Time – The time from the initial chemical attack on the outside of the material until its breakthrough and detection inside the glove. 失效时间:从开始接触化学物质直到手套失效的时间。 Terminology for Glove Material Failures 手套失效术语 CHEMICAL GLOVE BREAKDOWN 防化学手套报废 Gloves that are breaking down, will feel greasy or slimy may be dissolving. If you feel tingling, burning, or severe wetness while wearing gloves, remove the glove immediately and wash your hands. Do not use gloves that change colors or have thin spots. If you are unsure about the integrity of the glove, dispose of the gloves and get a new pair. 当手套沾满油脂或粘糊糊的,将手套报废。 如果佩戴手套时,感觉麻痹,高温或严重潮湿时,立即脱掉手套,清洗双手。 不要使用已经改变颜色或有缺陷的手套。 如果你不能确定手套的完善性,将手套处理掉,更换新的手套。 Contamination 污 染 If your glove becomes contaminated, do not touch the glove to items that you or others may have to touch later without protection. Remove your glove before touching forklift steering wheels, control room door knobs, hand tools, etc. Failure to follow this hygiene procedure exposes you and your fellow co-workers to hazardous materials. 如果你的手套被污染,不要使这个手套接触其它物品,因为你或其他人可能会在没有手部防护用品的情况下接触这个物品。 在你接触叉车方向盘、控制室门把手和手动工具之前脱掉防化学手套。 不遵守这个卫生程序,可能会导致你和你的同事接触有害化学物质。 Protection from Sharp Objects and Jagged Edges 防止锋利物体和不平整边缘伤害 Base glove selection on the potential and severity of the hazard. Light abrasive hazards may require only a cotton glove. For sharp or jagged edges, a leather glove provides better protection. Both cotton and leather gloves are available in ET-22 in various sizes. 根据潜在危险性的严重性选择手套。 较轻的摩擦危害可能只需要普通手套。 锋利或不平整边缘,皮质或胶质手套可以提供更好的保护。 Hand Tools and Hand Injuries 手动工具和手部伤害 Many tools can cause hand injuries. Common injuries from hand tools are abrasions, lacerations, punctures and contusions. Use tools only for tasks that they were designed to perform. For example, do not use a tool such as a screw driver for a pry bar. If the screw driver slips, it will puncture the skin. Do not remove guards from power tools. These guards were installed to prevent accidental contact with the cutting or work surface. Do not alter or modify power tools. 很多手动工具可以引起手部伤害。 一般手动工具引起的手部伤害为:摩擦、破口、刺穿、撞伤、挫伤。 只有在我们计划去完成工作任务时,才使用手动工具。例如:我们不能用螺丝刀去当作一个障碍物来垫,如果螺丝刀滑动,它可能会刺穿皮肤。 不要拆除动力工具的安全防护装置,这些装置的安全是为了防止意外的接触切割或工作面。不要更改动力工具。 Hand Injuries from Knives and other Cutting Tools 刀和其它切割工具造成的手部伤害 Utility knives are utilized throughout the plant and have been a source of many hand injuries. Some of the knife related injuries, that have occurred, were a result of employees using the wrong tool for a task that the tool was not designed to perform. Our plant utilizes a break-away knife for many cutting tasks. To protect your hands, the blade should only be extended to no more than one section at a time. Do not use the break-away knife for forceful cutting. The white handled boning knife or the scraper style knife are better choices for forceful cutting and chiseling tasks. A pair of snips can be used for many cutting tasks that a knife is not safe to use. 工厂内刀得使用是很多手部伤害的来源,有些刀关系到伤害事故,员工在工作中使用错误的工具完成工作任务时,手部伤害事故经常发生。 工厂很多切割岗位使用刀,为了保护我们的双手,工作时伸长的刀片不能超过一节,不要使用脱离的刀片做大力切割的工作。 对于大力切割和砍凿的工作,白色手柄的刀或者刮刀类型的刀是相对较好的选择。很多用刀不安全的切割工作,剪刀可以用来做。 Safe Knife and Cutting Tool Use 安全刀具和切割工具的使用 Always use a sharp knife. A sharp knife requires less force to perform cutting tasks than a dull knife. If the knife edge cannot be sharpened, replace the knife. If the knife is a break-away, snap off the last section used to access a new sharp edge. Always cut away from the body, never towards the body. Never walk around with the blade extended or cut an object while walking. Wearing cut resistant PPE, on the hand opposite to the hand holding the knife, will provide protection in the event the knife slips. Sealant plant currently has only the glove (300) available for cutting tasks. 用锋利的刀具,在进行切割任务时,因其使用时比使用钝刀具所需要的力相对较小。 如果刀刃不能被磨锋利,换掉这个道具。如果这个刀断裂了,折断已经使用过的最后一节,使用新的一节。 确保朝身体以外的方向切割,切忌朝向身体。 禁止在刀刃在外时,到处走动,或行走时切割物体。 操作道具的另外一只手应当佩戴防切割个人防护用品,这样能够不慎滑落时起到保护作用。 Temperature Extremes 极端温度 Hot work requires special gloves to perform safely. Our contractors on site stock the PPE necessary to perform these tasks. Cryogenic materials like carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen also require specialized gloves for safe handling. 动火作业要求佩戴特殊手套确保安全。 我们工厂的承包商有必要贮存这些个人防护用品确保完成工作。 低温物料如:二氧化碳和液氮也需要特殊的手套确保安全操作。 Electrical Hazards 电气危害 To perform many electrical tasks, especially at higher voltages, OSHA requires specialized rubber gloves. To protect your hands from dangerous electrical voltage, lockout and tagout equipment when servicing and performing repairs. Your hands are usually the first part of the body to contact dangerous electrical voltage. If you are not sure it is de-energized, don’t touch it. 在从事电气作业时,特别是高电压下操作时。职业卫生管理条例要求佩戴特殊橡胶手套。 为保护你的双手远离高压电流,对机器进行维护或维修时,应当上锁/挂牌。你的双手通常是最先接触到高压电的部位,如果你无法确保机器能量已经完全被隔离,切勿触碰。 Bloodborne Pathogens 血液传播(病原体) Always utilize Universal Precautions, (also known as Body Substance Isolation, BSI) before coming in contact with the blood or body fluids of any injured co worker. Latex gloves are the preferred glove for this application. IF you or the injured employee are allergic to Latex, Company does provide a non-latex alternative glove. Notify the LPOs if you are allergic to latex. 在接触受伤员工的血液或者体液前使用通用预防措施,(也被称为物体隔离法)。 优先考虑使用橡胶手套。 如果你或者受伤的同事对橡胶过敏的话,公司还会提供备用的无橡胶手套。如果你对橡胶过敏请通知公司。 Machinery Hazards 机器危害 Utilize lockout, machine guarding, interlocked guards, and E-stops to de-energize machinery before reaching in to clear jams and repair equipment. Gloves can be a hazard with moving machinery because the glove may get caught and actually pull your hand into the equipment. Jewelry can also get caught and cause the hands to be injured. Reaching into machinery can cause severe lacerations, crushing blows, amputations, and even death. 在清理和维修设备之前,利用上锁、机器防护、互锁设备、紧急停车按钮隔离机器能源。 手套在移动机器时也有可能会成为危害,因为手套有可能会被卡住然后将你的手拖入机器中。佩带在手上的首饰业有可能会被卡住而导致手部受伤。 接近机器有可能会导致严重的割破,猛烈的击打,切断甚至是死亡。 Repetitive Motion Injuries 重复运动伤害 Repetitive tasks, over time, can lead to a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Symptoms include numbness or a tingling sensation in the hands and wrist with pain or loss of gripping strength. Keep hands in a neutral position and substitute ergonomically designed equipment and tools. Take a break from the activity through job rotation or a rest break. Exercise the wrist, hand, and fingers to return the proper circulation. 重复性任务,加班,会导致腕骨道综合症。其症状为手变得麻木和刺痛 ,而手腕关节也会疼痛 或者失去抓握的力量。 将手放在一个适当的位置,用按照人体特性设计的设备和工具来替代手的工作。 通过转换不同的工作方式和中途的休息来缓解手的压力。 活动腕关节、手和手指来确保正常的血液循环。 Hand Safety To protect your hands, look at the hazards within your particular job. Once you identify the hazard, look for the proper glove or use a safety procedure such as lockout and machine guarding to ensure that your hands do not become another hand injury statistic. You need your hands to ensure a healthy and active life. Remember that before you decide to risk them. 保护你的双手,注意你特殊工作中存在的风险。 一旦你发现风险,注意使用适当的手套或使用一个安全措施例如关闭机器或使用机器安全措施来确保你双手的安全。 双手是健康活力生活的根本——在冒风险前请务必记住这句话。 谢 谢
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